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Classic And Academy Spots Available
by posted 08/27/2020

Space available in our Academy and Classic Programs!  

Please contact the Director below for details and to set up a Supplemental Tryout Session!


U8 - U12: Derek.Harrell@wcwaasoccer.org
U8 Boys and Girls Academy - 2013 Birth Years
U9 Boys and Girls Academy - 2012 Birth Years
U10 Boys and Girls Academy - 2011 Birth Years

U13 - U19 Boys: Lee.Minton@wcwaasoccer.org
2007 Boys Classic
2004 Boys Classic
2003 Boys Classic
2002 Boys Classic

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HS 7v7 League!
by posted 08/26/2020

WCWAA Soccer High School Boys 7v7 Supplemental League

Rules & Information

League Description:


The purpose of this league is to provide High School aged players with an opportunity to continue to work on & develop their skills and play during the delayed High School season. Our intent is to provide those who are unable or do not have the ability to train this fall with an outlet to be better prepared for their respective Club & High School Seasons when they begin this winter and Spring.  The league is player driven, meaning teams will be coached and “managed” by the players themselves, creating a sense of responsibility and accountability needed during a season. All Games will be played in a 7v7 Format through the fall season and will conclude with a league playoff & Champion.


Details HERE!


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by posted 06/23/2020




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WCWAA Grass Soccer Field Status Update
by posted 03/12/2020

WCWAA Soccer Field Status Update
Field Status will updated by:
3:30pm on Weekdays; 7:30am on Saturdays; 11:30am on Sundays

Grass Fields - Optimist Park - Open
Optimist 6
Optimist 7
Optimist 8
Optimist 9

Turf Fields - Optimist Park - Open
Optimist 1
Optimist 2
Optimist 4
Optimist 5
Optimist 10

Matthews Sportsplex - CLOSED
To use soccer fields - contact  
To use turf field for soccer - contact
Note:  when fields are open and they are wet, please try and avoid the wet areas.  Move your practice around, do not practice in one spot on the field, that will tear up the grass.

Note: Coaches please abide by the practice schedule; practice on your designated field at your designated time only!  Any changes must be approved by your Age Group DOC.
Parents if unsure of your practice schedule, please contact your Coach

Note: Grass field access is by permission only.  No one is to be using the soccer fields at WCWAA Optimist Park without proper authorization via a Soccer Board Member.

Rules for Practices
  • Please avoid practicing in puddles and very damp areas
  • Move your practice area around your practice space to avoid tearing up the fields
  • DO NOT PRACTICE in the goal mouth area (the 18 yd box)
  • If you need to use a goal, slide the goal to a touch line and do not use it in the goal area.
Remember you ruin these fields during your practice, they are ruin for your games!!!!


In cases of bad weather:

Please note if Thunder and Lightening is in the area check the Lightening Alert located on the top of the broadcast booth of the Babe Ruth field.

If the yellow beacon is lit up and circulating, then the fields are closed!, everyone is to get off the fields and get in a car and await instructions from their Coach.

- Long hard siren means lightening is in the area and for all people to get off the fields.  The yellow beacon will light up and spin.

- 3 sharp blasts of the siren is the all clear and players can go back to the fields.  The yellow beacon will no longer be lit up.

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