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Rules & Information


League Description:


The purpose of this league is to provide High School aged players with an opportunity to continue to work on & develop their skills and play during the delayed High School season. Our intent is to provide those who are unable or do not have the ability to train this fall with an outlet to be better prepared for their respective Club & High School Seasons when they begin this winter and Spring.  The league is player driven, meaning teams will be coached and “managed” by the players themselves, creating a sense of responsibility and accountability needed during a season. All Games will be played in a 7v7 Format through the fall season and will conclude with a league playoff & Champion.

Game Day Procedures

Gameday Rules

Playoff Brackets and Schedule - Updated 11/10/2020

Field Layout

League Organization:


  1. Location:
    1. The league will be held at Weddington Optimist Park Fields # 1,2,4 & 5 (All Turf). 
  2. Game Days & Times:
    1. Games will be Played on Friday Evenings/ Night’s & Select Sunday’s.
    2. Teams will Play 1 Game a Night. 
    3. Teams will at minimum get 12 Games in league play.
    4. Every team will make the Playoffs & is guaranteed 1 Game
  3. Season Timeline:

Week 1: Friday, September 18th

Week 2: Friday, September 25th & Sunday September 27th

Week 3: Friday, October 2nd

Week 4: Friday, October 9th & Sunday, October 11th

Week 5: Friday October 16th & Sunday, October 18h

Week 6: Friday, October 23rd and Sunday October 25th.

Week 7: Friday, October 30th

Week 8: Friday, November 6th & Sunday, November 8th

Playoff Week 1: Friday, November 13th & Sunday November 15th

Playoff Week 2: Friday, November 20th & Sunday, November 22nd

  1. Season Schedule:
    1. The season will last 8 Weeks (Unless Covid 19 Restrictions suggest otherwise) from September 18th – November 8th
    2. Playoffs will begin November 13th – 20th
    3. Games will be played between 5pm and 9:30pm on Fridays; 3pm and 8pm on Sundays

i.Game times subject to change based on league registrations. 

  1. League Play:
    1. Matchups and groupings will be dependent on the number of teams registered and schools represented. 

i.Teams will be put into Groups with 3 or 4 teams

ii.Teams will compete within group & against other Groups

  1. Playoff Format:
    1. Teams will Compete for Playoff Seeding throughout the season as results will determine order
    2. Based on Teams, there will be Two separate Playoff Divisions: Division 1 and Division 2. 

i.3 Team Groups: 

  1. Team with most points will automatically advance to Division 1 Playoff 
  2. Two teams will have a chance based on points to advance to Division 1 Playoff
  3. If points do not allow, team will be entered into Division 2 Playoff

ii.4 Team Groups:

  1. Top 2 teams based on points will advance to Division 1 Playoff
  2. Bottom 2 Teams based on Points will advance to Division 2 Playoff

iii.If Teams are needed to complete Division Playoff , it will be based off Tie Breakers

  1. Playoff games will be played under same rules as seasonal play however, the game must conclude in one team winning


Team Organization:

  1. Players
    1. Teams must be composed of Current High School Aged Students (14 – 19 years old). All players must be current registered high school students. 
    2. Players are welcome to play regardless of School or Club affiliation
    3. Any player that does not have a “team” will be given the option to play for the WCWAA House team, please Contact Derek Harrell or Kyle Searles about this option. 
  2. Teams:
    1. Teams will be self-organized, coached & regulated by players

i.Each team will have a selected “team captain” that will be in charge of communication and organization of the team

ii.Teams will be responsible for substitutions and players behavior

  1. Teams will not be allowed to have guest players
  2. Teams can be made up of High School Specific players or Club Specific Players or a mix of both
  1. Rosters:
    1. Rosters Sizes are determined by players

i.Roster Max: 12

ii.Roster Minimum: 7

  1. Guest Players will not be permitted during the season
  2. Rosters & all players must be confirmed (payed for) and official by the start of the season or team will be dissolved from league.

D. Registration Fee: $700 per team



3 Step Registration Process


3 Part Registration Process

  1. Team Registration:
    1. Team Captain will complete Team Registration located on the WCWAA Soccer site  

i.Team Name

ii.School/Club affiliation

iii.First and last name of all players on the roster

  1. Player Waiver Registration
    1. Team Captain will be sent information to provide to all players listed on the roster. 
    2. All players on the roster must complete Online Player Waiver Registration to be placed on the official league roster. 
  2. Team Registration Payment
    1. Team Captain will be sent separate registration link to provide payment for League admittance. 

i.Payment must be made in full prior to schedule release date or team will be dropped from the league. 

ii.Team payment of $700 will be made in one full payment.