Wesley Chapel Weddington Athletic Association

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Frequently Asked Questions


o When is registration?
The Spring 2022 registration will open on January 1st.

Please note there are No Refunds. 

Also, there will be a late registration fee that will be applied to any permitted registration post the "Official" registration process closing.


o Why no refunds?
WCWAA Soccer instituted the no refund rule in the Spring of 2006.  This rule is in effect to reduce the administration impact of providing refunds to players and then contacting the State based on Roster changes.  The State requires fees per player on a roster and WCWAA picks up this cost.  This cost and other registration costs plus the administrative effort and controls over player rosters has forced a no refund rule at WCWAA. 

There will be permitted exceptions to this rule based on unforeseen injuries, relocation out of the area or for an involuntary issue that forces a player not to be able to physically play soccer.    


o When will parents hear which team their child is playing on?  
For the Spring Season, Team rosters will be handed out to the coaches in late February at the coach's meeting.  For the Fall Season, Team rosters will be handed out to the coaches in late August at the coach's meeting.  Coaches will contact their teams right after this meeting.  

o  I made a request for a Team and it was not granted, why?   
There are more than 1000 players that register for Recreation and Micro.  WCWAA tries to accommodate as many requests as we can but we
cannot guarantee that they will be met.  Please note, not getting your request is not grounds for a refund.  We apologize up front if we cannot accommodate your request. 


o  Why was I not placed with the same Coach as last season?   
WCWAA tries to carry players from one season to the next with the same coach but sometimes it is not possible.  There are
no guarantees that your player will end up on the same team as the previous season, even if requested.  We apologize up front for this.  Please try and understand there are situations that sometime just prevent this from happening. Also note, not getting added to the Team of your desire is not grounds for a refund.

o  When will practices begin?   
Team practices are to start in early March for the Spring Season and early September for the Fall Season.  Coaches will inform their teams as to the days and times of their practices when they contact their teams.


o  How many practices are there?
Each Team will have two one-hour practices a week, depending on the weather and field conditions.  Practices are either on a Monday/Wednesday schedule or on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. 


o  What times are the practices?
Each team will be given a time slot and a field for their practices each week.  The time allotments are 5-6pm, 6-7pm, 7-8pm, and 8-9pm


o  When are games played?
Games are played over the weekends for U7 and older age groups. 


o  Where will the games be played?  
The U7 and older teams will play both Home and Away games.  Games will be played within Union County; Piedmont to East Union, Waxhaw to Mint Hill. 


o  When does the season start?
The Spring Season starts mid to late March and the Fall Season starts early to mid September.  


o  When does the season end? 
The Fall Season ends with the Union County Tournament that is played in November.  The Spring Season ends mid May.


o  How many games will there be?
The Fall and Spring seasons will have eight scheduled games. 
At the end of the Fall season there is an end of season Tournamet.  This Tournament can be canceled due to the weather


o  What is your ZERO Tolerance policy?

WCWAA's ZERO tolerance policy:  A Coach receiving a yellow card will sit out their next game, not allowed to attend the game. A Coach receiving a red card will sit out the next 2 games - not allowed to attend either match.  A Player receiving 3 yellow cards during a season will sit out a game, he must attend the the game but not play. A player receiving a Red card will sit out the Teams next game.  A player receiving 2 Red cards during the season will sit out the remainder of the seasonal games.  A parent asked to leave a game twice during the season will not be allowed to attend any more seasonal games, if they do their player will be removed from the Team, no refund will be granted.


o  Fall Tournament, when, where and rules?

There is a Fall Union County Youth Soccer Tournament, there is not a Spring Tournament.  The Tournament is played at Optimist Park and it is for the Rec program only, with all of the Union County Rec Teams participating.  It is a single elimination Tournament.  The rules are the normal rules that are played all season, there are no changes to the rules.


o What are the rules of play? 
Please find the rules of play under the tab Recreation Rules on the Recreation Soccer page.


o Playing Time? 
Our program has a policy in place that each player will play at a minimum 50% of each game no matter their skill or attendance to practice.  The only stipulation is if the player or parents are unruly or disruptive at practices or games, then their player will lose playing time and the parents will be asked to leave the premises. 

o  Are there Team Pictures?
During the season WCWAA Soccer will organize team picture nights.