Wesley Chapel Weddington Athletic Association

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C o a c h ' s   C o r n e r 


  • You are to be Courtesy, Polite and Respectful at all times to parents, players and Officials.  You are to treat everyone with respect; foul language and/or inappropriate behavior will be dealt with seriously and could lead to criminal charges if warranted.  If this policy is not adhered to an investigating will follow with a decision by the WCWAA Disciplinary Committee providing final verdict.  That ultimate course of action, in the worse case, can lead to dismissal from your position an being barred from games and practices.     
  • Keep the Game fun, at practices and at games. 
  • Never Leave a Player unattended.  Mind your players, you represent WCWAA, make sure all players leave the facilities with their parent or designated guardian.
  • Provide each player with a minimum of 50% playing time, no matter the score or whether or not they made all your teams practices that week.
  • Always be prepared, know the rules, what you do not know respectfully speak to a referee at a break to gain an understanding of the rule. 
  • Never run up the score A win by more than 6 goals is unaccepatable.  As a coach you must work on skill development and keeping the game fun, neither reflect running up a score.  Never run up a score, never! 
  • Never yell at a player, parent or referee.
  • Zero Tolerance - WCWAA has a no tolerance policy.  A coach receiving a yellow card will sit out the next game, they will not be allowed to attend the game. A coach receiving a red card will sit out the next two games and they will not be allowed to attend either match.  A player receiving three yellow cards during the season will sit out one game; they must attend the the game but not play. A player receiving a red card will sit out the team's next game.  A player receiving two red cards during the season will sit out the remainder of the season.  A parent asked to leave a game twice during the season will not be allowed to attend games, if they do attend, their player will be removed from the team and no refund will be given.

Practice Field Lights To Be Turned Off 

It is the responsibility of the last coach that leaves the soccer fields to turn off the lights when they leave.  These lights MUST be turned off each night by the last coach holding a late practice, usually the 7.30 - 9.00 training.  



Relocate the Goals out of the goal box during Practices

At practice, move the soccer goals to another location on the field besides the actual goal area used during games.  This will help reserve the goal areas for our games throughout the season.  
Also, all the soccer goals are to be moved off the field of play each night. It is your responsibility of the last coach on the field, late practice session coach, to make sure the soccer goals are moved off the field of play, literally off the pitch. This allows the field grass to grow, just another responsibility that helps keep our fields the best in Union County. 

Coaches Game Responsibilities
  • Provide a game rosters to the referees - typed
  • Provide the referee with the their referee fee - in cash
U7/U8                          $12 per game
U9/U10/U12                 $20 per game
U13/U14/U15/U16         $25 per game
  • Keep the game fun
  • Do not be disrespectful to anyone
    • Bad calls are made, LIVE WITH IT
    • It is a game, not the end of the world
  • Be courteous to the players, referee and your opponents
  • Your are responsible for the behavior of your parents, keep them under control.
  • Cheer for both teams, no matter the score
    • Victories of greater then 6 questions your true respect for the game
    • be creative when winning, do not run up the score
  • Always shake hands with opponents, players and coaches, and the referees
  • Before leaving the game
    • end on positives with the players
    • have a team cheer
    • have the players thank their parents for attending the game.
  • After the game
    • think about your next practice and relax

   Game Rosters

For each game you must provide a typed Team Roster:

Team Name
Team #
Coaches Name
Assistant Coach's Name

Player #                 Player Name               Player Birth Date
     6                      George Sella                 12/12/2001
    10                      Derek Harrell                12/25/2001
    21                     Travis Joseph                 01/02/2001

Remember this must be typed and provided to the referee with the game fee (referee fee) prior to the start of the game...

The consequence for not providing the game roster is a game forfeit.  Game still gets played but your team lost due to your negligence of forgetting the game roster.